Why hire a photographer to capture your birth?

Whether this is your first child or your third, nothing can compare to meeting your little one for the very first time. It's often said the first few moments fade so quickly and my goal is to capture and preserve those precious moments for you that will last a lifetime. 

I would be there to capture all the moments as they happen. Photographing a birth is about capturing the journey of labor as you welcome your little miracle earth side. 




A few commonly asked questions people have about birth photography....

What is birth photography?

Birth photography captures the intense emotion, love, pain, beauty, surreal moments that only come while giving birth. It capture the first cry, the first breath, the first time meeting their parents that anxiously waited nine long months to hold them. 

When should I let you know I want you to capture my birth?

As soon as you decide thats the route you want to take.  The sooner the better. 

How will I know if I'm comfortable with a photographer present when I give birth?

I like to meet with all my potential birth moms (and partners) prior to the delivery.  This is a no obligation to you meet. During this initial meet we will discus everything there is to know about a birth session and any questions or concerns you may have.

Do you offer a payment plan?
I know with a little one on the way comes a lot of expenses.  I do offer a payment plan that I would be happy to discuss at our initial meet. 

What if I'm not comfortable with others seeing my photos?
If there's one thing I can promise you it's respecting your privacy and wishes.  Every mom's comfort level is different and I will never ever post a picture that you are uncomfortable with.  This topic can be discussed in further detail at the initial meet. 

What if you miss the birth?
If I miss the birth (because I am human and some incidents are out of my control) I will either refund you the money in full or you can use the monies towards a Fresh 48 session or a future session of your choice. 

Why should I hire you to take photos at my birth?
A birth can be very hectic and a lot of emotions are high during that time.  The last thing you or your partner need to worry about is getting photos of that special moment.  Why have your partner hold the camera when your partner can be holding your hand and being involved.  By having me there your partner can devote the attention directly on you and not have to watch the birth of their little one from behind a camera. Plus instead of telling your child about their birth, you can show them.

How many pictures do I get from my birth session?
Each birth is unique in it's own way.  I can't give a client an exact number of photos they will receive but I aim to give at least 75 photos or more.  The photos will also be placed on a slideshow with background music along with a youtube link to view the slideshow whenever you choose to.


Interested in seeing some of my birth videos? Head on over to my youtube page by clicking the youtube icon on the bottom of this page!

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 Let me capture your birth story!