Ellsworth Family

This family holds a very special place in my heart..... Danielle and I met almost a year ago when she asked me to take her family photos. She told me she was a photographer and I instantly panicked. I knew she knew photography and I was so worried she would be hard to work with. Boy was I ever so wrong! Danielle was and is still one of the nicest people I've ever had the opportunity to meet.

Flash forward to this month. She contacted me and decided to put together a rapid family session due to her mom only being in town for a bit longer. Of course I said yes. Her family is one of the most easiest going families I will probably ever photograph. Her husband, Jim, is such a team player even though being in front of the camera is not his first choice. Danielle's mom, Mandy, was so sweet and looked amazing with her grand babies. Danielle's kids....her kids knock it out of the park. You can defiantly tell they have a photographer mom.

Danielle will always be one of my special friends. We just click. We can talk photography all day together and carefree, no pressure, for fun sessions with our kiddos will always be something I look forward to. Thank you for being you Danielle!

family session
mom / daughter

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