Baby Aden is officially a BOWEN!

Where do I even start!?!? As I sit here about to type up this blog I can't help but think of all the emotions this family went through to get where they are today.

I met Jeff and Kendra Bowen at a foster to adopt class. The Bowen's quickly became good friends of ours and we started hanging out outside of class. They were absolutely amazing. They invited my family and I to their church and even took us out on their boat. We made a lot of great memories with the Bowen's and everything in their life was great, except one thing was missing - Aden.

Months went on and one day Kendra told me they got a brand new little baby boy (Aden) to foster. I was so thrilled for them but so scared at the same time. What if they got too attached to the baby and he would eventually have to go back to his birth family? What if a new baby in their family of two didn't work out? What if having a brand new baby wasn't what they thought it would be? I had all these "What if" questions and as nervous as I was for them, the Bowen's never batted an eye at any challenge that could possible come their way. They took Aden in with open arms like they had known him forever.

That almost 6 week old baby that they knew nothing about other than his name instantly snuggled his way right into the Bowen's heats and home. He had no idea that from that moment on his life would forever be blessed beyond measures. No one at the time knew the outcome but family and friends prayed every single day that the right choice would be made for baby Aden. Prayers were answered....

On August 22nd, 2016 at 08:30 am Aden officially became a Bowen.

Jeff and Kendra loved, nurtured, kissed boo-boos, sang songs and rocked to sleep this amazing little human for 299 days without knowing if he would be in their lives from one day to the next. They selflessly opened up their hearts and home to someone they've never met before and loved him uncontrollably the way every baby should be loved. They showed him what love really is and the true meaning of being wanted.

This little family will be leaving Yuma to start a life in beautiful San Diego, California and as much as I will miss them (and be utterly jealous of their new town) I can't help help but be so incredibly proud of them for all they went through to get where they are now. "Everything happens for a reason" couldn't be a more truer statement in this situation. Although my journey in fostering to adopt had a different ending than the Bowen's, it was because of a leap of faith we both took on the subject that brought us to the same path. I love you guys with my whole heart and I'm so blessed to have shared the time I did with you two. No one is more deserving of this blessing! I wish you guys nothing but the very best!

"The adoption was challenging. The love arrived instantly." - Unknown

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