The Birth Story of Baby Wyatt

Back in July I received a message from Megan informing me she was looking to book a maternity session. Unfortunately during the time Megan messaged me I was shooting a family session at Downtime Yuma. When I contacted Megan she informed me she had already booked a maternity session elsewhere but noticed I did birth photography and was interested in knowing the details. I met her and her husband Brad and instantly knew they would be a fun couple.

Megan text me on August 27th telling me she was headed to the hospital. I immediately left my family gathering and headed to the hospital. As soon as I saw Megan I had this gut feeling this was the real thing (Megan had a few false alarms during her pregnancy).

Once I was allowed to go to Megan's room I watched as she pushed through each contraction while Brad held tight onto her hand. I don't think there was ever a moment where Brad didn't offer support. He held Megan's hands, placed his hand on her back to reassure he was there with her and even held her hair out of her face while she blew through each contraction. In that moment everything could have been so chaotic and stressful but yet it was so calm and beautiful. Megan and Brad worked together so wonderfully and their love for one another was beaming through the entire room.

Megan and Brad welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world on August 27th at 11:16p.m. Megan got her spontaneous birth she had been hoping for her whole pregnancy. I watched as the three of them soaked in the first few moments of being a family. I always get teary eyed at births and of course this one was no exception. As I went back and reviewed my photos I noticed some of the photos where Brad and Megan got to be with their little one for the first time were so blurry. I quickly realized it was due to all the tears in my eyes. Thank goodness for a fast shutter speed so I was at least guaranteed one good one before the water works started flowing in.

Megan and Brad will forever be special people to me. They allowed me to share a special moment with them. A once and a life time opportunity. The birth of their sweet son.

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