O'Brien Homecoming!

I was lucky enough to capture a homecoming for a very special family on September 9th. Like always, homecomings make me so proud of all our brave men and woman who fight for our freedom. It's always an honor to witness these events.

Sarah contacted me months ago and asked if I would tag along with her and her three adorable boys to help welcome their brave hero home. Of course I said yes with no hesitation. The great thing about this story is Sarah and I actually met via facebook over a year and a half ago before my youngest son was born. She made him an Amber bead necklace to which he still wears on his neck today! So when the opportunity came up to shoot her husbands homecoming I knew it would be a great honor and also a fun way to catch up after all this time.

When I met up with Sarah at the homecoming she was anxious and ready to see her husband. The boys were excited as well but of course the jumpy house caught their attention as soon as we arrived.

The arrival time was set for 10:00am and this homecoming was right on time. Sarah ran with open arms to her husband, Staff Sergeant O'Brien, and immediately gave him an enormous hug. Quickly behind her were the three boys who were equally as excited to see their hero. Seeing the family complete after 7 long months was so sweet. I watched the interaction take place through my lens and I got a little emotional. I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices they all make for this country.

I enjoy all my sessions but homecomings always pull on my heart strings. Each time I'm asked to attend one I feel a little more blessed!

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