Beautiful February Evening With The Davis Family

The Davis family totally rocked this session! I know they were a little unsure of tackling a family session but I'm so glad they took that chance.

Eli and Zoey were nothing short of two little fire balls out there. They defiantly made me work for every smile and even every look at my camera.

Especially Miss Zoey. Her parents gave me the idea of playing music from my cell phone to see if it would convince Zoey to participate. Did it ever!? She started bouncing up and down and was getting down with her bad self out there. It was hilarious! I can still see her getting up and dancing in her own little world.

Eli was such a handsome stud out there. He reminded me a lot of my little guy. Eli's attention was focused on his toy cars, the dirt, climbing trees and even a dead snake in the leaves. Typical little boy and I'm so glad I was able to capture that side of him because I know his mommy wants to remember his innocence and cuteness.

Nick and Michelle had the BEST attitude out there when their two bundles of joy were all over the place. They truly embraced the moment for how it was and not what they see on Pinterest. They laughed at their kids. They laughed at each other and it was just an overall great session.

Please enjoy these images from this amazing little family. I know I enjoyed capturing them!

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